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Easyguard - permanent freestanding handrails for both retrofit and new build.

Easyguard is non-penetrative (freestanding) alleviating the need for weatherproofing around posts and eliminating the risk of future leaks associated with penetrative systems, and also weatherproofing costs. The system is flat footed and slides easily underneath rooftop obstructions, therefore providing minimal trip hazard.

Easyguard is galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 and is also available powder coated, again over galvanised steel to ensure the longevity of the system and its coating. The base plates are fitted with bonded ribbed rubber mats, which include EPDM foam infill. The foam infill reduces heat transfer to the membrane to reduce membrane degradation. Easyguard is adjustable by up to 250mm, and is levelled to the line of the building and against the falls of the roof improving the aesthetics from ground level. The system is designed to BS/EN/SR 15 1988, and compliant to BS6180 for maintenance use, BS6399 Part 2. Easyguard is ideal for perimeter handrailing or for designation of access ways (escape routes etc).

New asphalt roofs may require tiles beneath base assemblies to prevent the system from sinking, with advice sought from your asphalt manufacturer. Heavier duty fixed rails can be designed to meet most loads and comply with BS 6180.

Fixed rails can be fixed to both vertical and horizontal faces of parapet walls or upstands for applications where a permanent free standing handrail will not suffice.


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