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Five different size ranges of Interclamp® are available as shown in the table, hence a suitable size can be selected for any particular application. Interclamps are easily identified by a type number of each design eg. 125 followed by a size code eg. D48, the latter part of which corresponds with the approximate outside diameter of the tube to be used (48.3mm = 1 ½" nominal bore in this case). Hence a 90° elbow suitable for an 1 ½" nominal bore tube in this example would be denoted as a 125-D48.


Interclamp® Size
Nominal Bore Outside Diameter
AA21 1/2" 21.3mm
A27 3/4" 26.9mm
1" 33.7mm
1 1/4"
1 1/2" 48.3mm

For more information or size advice please contact BEVERLEY STEEL on 01252 523060

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